You’re a dedicated leader

The coaching program will be open again in Spring of 2022. If you want to get on the wait list, then definitely apply today.

You know you’re capable of elite performance and results. You’re in it to make a real difference for yourself and for others.

But, you’re in over your head; feeling like each day sinks you deeper into overwhelm and it seems impossible to climb out. You’re putting in more work and more hours than before but there’s no sign of relief.

The uncertainty of not knowing what to do and how to do it is paralyzing. And costly.

No one seems willing to validate and acknowledge your overwhelm, or to offer effective ways out either. What’s worse, the general consensus is that you’re expected to just “figure it out” like everyone else. Like it’s the normal accepted price of the culture.

You’ve ordered all the books, you’re listening to the podcasts, you’ve contemplated the seminars, webinars, courses….and all that self-education has produced what changes exactly?

There’s a good chance you’re on the cusp of total burnout, and you’re feeling a bit delusional for being so excited about this opportunity. How long before you reach your breaking point? And what happens then?


Develop A Powerful Presence

Imagine waking up and getting ready for the day knowing you’ve already set yourself up to handle whatever comes.

Imagine knowing you have the capabilities to triage all the issues, make high-level strategic decisions, and protect your boundaries of time and access, without sacrificing effectiveness.

Imagine having a presence so powerful, you own the room without needing to say a word.


Specialized coaching will get you there

Your situation is exactly why this coaching program was developed. Leaders who find themselves in unfamiliar territories, navigating uncertainty are learning to transform all of that chaos into simplicity. They do this with effective, repeatable strategies to be high-level communicators and elite problem solvers. They become leaders who command respect.

Look, you’re in a situation you’ve never experienced before, because you’ve leveled up. Sadly, no one prepared you for this. And no one’s offered to train you. I mean really train you with deep knowledge, skillsets and strategies.

How are you expected to be a top performer if no one will help you understand what that’s supposed to be?

You don’t need tips, tricks, or “secret hacks”. Systems and org charts don’t get you there either.

What’s missing are frameworks and skillsets proven to be effective. Field tested skills in human behavior, communication, and problem solving. Fundamental frameworks for solving problems, strategic decisions, and effective negotiations.

Here’s the real strategic advantage – these frameworks and skills are rooted in high level intelligence and interrogation methods and we develop them around your personality and communication styles. You’re not expected to fit into a system that isn’t right for you. Instead we build your own custom process that leverages your strengths.

You’ll learn how to effectively apply these skills to yourself first internally, and then to your outside experiences. Because the real “secret” to being an elite leader is that it’s an inside-out process. There’s no way around that.

You know what and who you’re capable of being. Let’s finally make that happen.

How it works

This is a 6 month engagement. We meet every other week, via Zoom, for up to 2 hours if needed. Recordings are always available if you want them.

In between sessions you’ll have 24/7 access to me via Slack, text, and email if you ever need it.

You’ll receive weekly assignments via a private Slack channel reserved for elite performers like yourself. You’ll also have access to others who are on this journey with you. People like you, who are challenging the status quo.

We start with a discovery call, to learn as much as possible about what you’re experiencing, and more importantly what you want to experience instead. From there we design your program to progressively build the skills and frameworks in a way that supports your vision.

Once we’ve established the blueprint, we consistently work together to not only get you to that outcome, but to improve your surrounding environments to support you new ways of operating – new ways of being, really.


Fine Print

  • Our communication and sessions are never shared and all your information is kept private.
  • You are free to record any calls or sessions for your own records and future use.
  • In-between sessions you are free to contact me with any issues or help requests on our private channels.
  • We can schedule emergency sessions if needed.
  • You can pause the coaching due to serious issues and emergencies, but not because you just got “busy.”
  • Payments are to be made either 100% upfront or a deposit is made and payment schedule is created to fit your abilities.



This private coaching is a six month commitment with yourself. The investment is $12,000 USD.

It’s not uncommon for committed participants to see radical transformations in many other areas of life, as we approach things holistically.

Before you click the button to apply, you need to know…

This level of coaching and commitment is not for many people. In fact the majority of people in your situation looking for this kind of relief will never allow themselves to develop the personal mastery needed to thrive. You need to be ready to accept self-confrontation, change, and adaptability as your new normals.

This program is available only by invitation or referral, so since you are reading this, that means you’ve been pre-qualified to apply. 

This is a no risk application and your info is kept private and never shared.

The coaching program will be open again in Spring of 2022. If you want to get on the wait list, then definitely apply today. 

This is not for you if…

  • You’re looking for someone else to tell you what to do.
  • You’re not interested in becoming a high-level decision maker.
  • You aren’t motivated to transition into a humanity-first approach to elite leadership.
  • You’re uncomfortable obtaining a high level of empathy for the experiences of others.
  • You are not willing to invest the time to practice skills each day.
  • You would rather have another system or course or process to rely on, instead of creating your own.
  • You’re perfectly happy conforming to corporate standards and keeping your head down.
  • You’re not interested in creating boundaries that allow others to no longer encroach on your precious recovery time.
  • You have no need to learn CIA level behavioral skills that will transform your entire communication methods.

This is a no risk application and your info is kept private and never shared.


Are you opposed to finally becoming the leader you’ve always envisioned? 

The coaching program will be open again in Spring of 2022. If you want to get on the wait list, then definitely apply today. 

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Adam King. I’ve spent thousands of hours assisting leaders all over the world with developing a strong intelligent presence and elite communication skills.

I’ve been a self-learner and problem solver for most of my life, and travelling the world full-time since 2017. As a certified Behavior Operator, and a Behavior Strategist, I use human behavior frameworks and skillsets to enable leaders to create more freedom for themselves and the people around them.