,“These are the times when I fear my decision making skills because I’ve made some choices that have turned out to be not the best for the business.”

A long-tıme friend and I were texting about her recent struggles building her company.

She’s a focused hard working self-leader who doesn’t quit when it gets tough. But this recent series of setbacks had her really needing some new solutions and strategies because she had never found herself in this situation before.

“It’s faster for me to make decisions when I discuss options out loud – to make a clear path of attack so I can just choose and roll with it rather than sitting, reading, educating and learning over longer periods of time.”

I replied, “So you need a trusted partner to dial up when needed, sort things out, and then get back to work.”

 “Exactly!”, she exclaimed.

A few months before talking with my friend, I had a similar discussion with a long time client.

The uncertainty of her upcoming yearly schedule would make it near impossible for us to have weekly sessions as we had been for years.

But she still wanted regular assistance with navigating new challenges of her expanding leadership role, especially as she was in the middle of overhauling the company.

If we step back and examine the situations we will see that both people:

  • Needed new strategies for situations they have never experienced.
  • Wanted regular access to those strategies as situations arise.
  • Needed to get the solutions and get back to work implementing them ASAP.
  • Needed all of this without the usual time commitments required with traditional coaching programs.

So after nearly 10 months of co-creating and testing a new process for coaching and advising, we still exceeded expectations with results met and outcomes created. Despite not having weekly deep dive sessions.


“The real time aspect of it is fantastic.

The app becomes like a diary. Like journaling with myself in real time. That has been very very helpful to have a place where I can type or record whatever the struggle may be, and then I’m calmer, so I can go address the situation with a better mind space.

I basically have Adam in my head now. I’m thinking, if Adam was talking to me, what would he be saying? And then I do exactly that.”

“Obviously I love our sessions, but this has gotten me through just as much as our long deep dives have for years. So that’s the highest endorsement that I can give.” – L. from Atlanta

Finally, I am opening more spots, so you too can have access to the solutions you need to get back to work more effectively – without the burden of additional time commitments on your already too-full schedule.

What is it?


This is the same highly effective executive coaching and advising that I have been providing for years. But instead of meeting every week, we communicate using Signal app and Slack.

This lets us use a variety of methods in real time – text, voice, video, media – all within an encrypted channel. And it’s accessible 24/7.

The strategies and practices are rooted in the most effective elements of psychology, behavioral influence & persuasion, negotiation, problem solving, conflict resolution, and communication.

I have spent fifteen years finding what works and eliminating what doesn’t, so you don’t have to.

This means you get total access to proven strategies and solutions as you are experiencing the situations. No waiting for scheduling confirmations and meeting availability.

How Does It Work?

We need to have a Discovery Call before we start. This lets us map out exactly what you want to experience and what outcomes matter. Think of it as a blueprint or map.

After we have created your blueprint, you will receive weekly check-ins from me via Signal app asking questions and providing strategies to focus on for the week. All related to the outcomes you want to experience. 

Text, voice messages, video messages – these can all be used in the app to effectively communicate, so the most effective solutions can be provided.

You communicate using the methods that suit you best.

In-between the weekly check-ins, you have 24/7 access to ask questions, get help, and support for any issue that arises whenever you need. I typically respond within 24 hrs maximum.

Also, you can always schedule a session for situations where face to face works best. We are not against sessions when needed.

In addition to weekly check-ins, I will send long form messages and strategies via Slack. We will have our own private space and this acts as a simple repository for material that you can reference quickly as needed.

Tools Needed:

Signal App: Signal App is used for end-to-end encrypted communication to protect your privacy and information. It’s the safest most private option.

Slack App: Chances are you are already using Slack for business. You will be given access to a private space where we can share resources and longer form material.

Both apps are free.

Fine Print

  • Our communication and sessions are never shared and all your information is kept private.
  • An NDA is provided which ensures nothing is ever shared outside our work together.
  • You are free to record any calls or sessions for your own records and future use.
  • You can schedule emergency sessions if needed.
  • You can pause the coaching due to serious issues and emergencies, but not because you just got “busy.”
  • You won’t be billed until after you have applied and we’ve met to discuss what you need. And only if we agree to work together. 
  • Payments are to be made 100% upfront before we begin the program.

This program is available only by invitation or referral, so since you are reading this, that means you’ve been pre-qualified to apply. 


$3,500 USD for 3 months. 

$12,000 USD for 1 year. (save $2,000 USD)


If you’re ready to take the next step, then just fill out the simple application below. This helps us both decide if we’re a right fit and ensures we focus on what matters most to you. 

This is a no risk application and your info is kept private and never shared.

This is not for you if…

  • You’re not interested in becoming a high-level decision maker.
  • You aren’t motivated to transition into a humanity-first approach to elite leadership.
  • You’re uncomfortable obtaining a high level of empathy for the experiences of others.
  • You are not willing to invest the time to practice transformational skills.
  • You would rather have yet another generic system or course or process to rely on, instead of creating your own.
  • You’re perfectly happy conforming to corporate standards and keeping your head down.
  • You’re not interested in creating boundaries that allow you to thrive as a leader because you’re meeting ALL your needs. 
  • You have no need to learn CIA level behavioral skills that will transform all of your your communication practices.

In case we haven’t met…

I’m Adam King. I’ve spent thousands of hours assisting leaders all over the world with developing a strong intelligent presence and elite communication skillset.

I’ve been a self-learner and problem solver for most of my life, and travelling the world full-time since 2017. As a certified Behavior Operator, and a Behavior Strategist, I use human behavior frameworks and practices to enable leaders to create more freedom for themselves and the people around them.