Jonam’s Roadmap

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Jonam’s 2021 Roadmap

Where you are:


You’ve been working hard both on yourself and to find an expression of yourself through helping people. New Life Academy is currently that expression and after months of development you’re seeing some results and growth. You recognize the need to establish foundational values of operations before you get too far into the process of growing the business.

You also recognize that establishing best practices to create the value-based work you crave, is best done early to ensure you stay true to your core values and beliefs.

As a fairly new founder of a business in a field that’s underserved, you’re pioneering a path. And that does represent a higher risk of potential failure, just due to lack of established organizations in similar niches. It’s unclear how it can fully succeed, but you also have some new paths to serve those people in unconventional ways.

The potential for success is there, just as the potential for failure. Taking time now to establish your practices will not guarantee you succeed in this venture. There’s no way to do that at this stage. But you can take those practices with you wherever you go, in whatever organization you establish.


Where you want to be

You want to be clear on how you can express yourself honestly and authentically in business, life, service – all aspects of life. But specifically in relation to New Life Academy.

You want to have a clear vision of success, and the skills to reliably get you there, no matter what you encounter. You also want to build your capabilities in leadership skills – both self leadership and leading others.

You want to establish this company as a means of serving others on their healing journey, and as a means of freedom for yourself. Establishing systems and frameworks to allow for people to be served without spending all of your energy on delivering their results and outcomes.


How we get there:

You’re new to business, but you’re not new to developing yourself.

As a voracious self-learner, you could take on this new challenge on your own. There’s plenty of resources to help you do that. But you also have the experience and maturity to know it takes a team.

Together, we can examine what’s needed, and build those frameworks through a combination of skill development and practical application.

We lay out the core skills needed, how to practice, and how to get proper feedback from that practice.

I’m there to not just support, but more importantly, to help structure the practices and deal with any issues that come up with experience, strategies, and solutions.

Along the way you will also lend your help and support in testing new delivery platforms for the work.


How it works

It all starts with a deep dive into identifying exactly what’s wanted and needed. From there we create the strategies, practices, and the progressions to get there.

After we create the Blueprint, we will use bi-weekly sessions to introduce new skills, practices, and to check in on progress and development. In-between each session, you’ll have access to me through WhatsApp and a private Slack channel.

In addition we will be testing a new web platform and app for delivering the information and skills and checkins.

Normally, in these cases I work with people every week for 6 months at a rate of $10,000 USD.

In your scenario, you’re just starting out and if we meet every week that will actually add to your time burdens. So here’s what I propose:

  • Meet every other week over Zoom
  • In between sessions, skills and support are provided digitally via new platform
  • Access is unlimited on WhatsApp, Slack, Email for the duration of the agreement.
  • Feedback from you on content, platforms, and delivery will be welcome and needed to help refine them for other clients.
  • We also explore potential partnerships and collaborations to serve a wider audience in more effective ways.

For you, I’m willing to do this for what I call the “Legacy Customer Price.” This is the fixed fee all founding members of my work pay. They helped me establish this practice for years ago and now I’m including you in that group as you are assisting with this next stage of development.

6 months of bi-weekly coaching and support – £2600 (or basically 5 NLP course sales)

This can be billed all at once, or you can pay a deposit and regular payments can be set up that are easier to manage.

I believe in doing no financial harm and am always willing to work with people on setting up financial structures that allow access to the work.


What’s next?


 Take time to read through this Roadmap and ensure there’s no missing details, objectives, or focus. If it’s accurate to your needs, then we move forward and I send you all documents needed. 

After we agree on the scope and a start date, then getting started is pretty simple.

To begin, you will need to sign a contract, a Non Disclosure Agreement (it says you can talk all you want to anyone about the work, but I cannot discuss any details without your expressed permission), and pay the deposit.

Once those are received, we will schedule the first session which is the deep dive into what we will do and how we will do it