Lauren’s 2021 Roadmap

Where you are:


So, 2020…amiright? Here we are already looking down the barrel of Q2 2021 and we are collectively saying “Holy shit, wow!” and also “Holy shit, how?”

Last year you and I kept the whole ship from crashing against the rocks of uncertainty while navigating the uncharted waters of $100MM claim and the FBI briefly interrupting things for a bit. And somehow we found the time to also reclaim a big part of your identity and reframe some reoccurring behaviors into potent skills.


So with this year already feeling like “2020 Season 2” you accurately identified the two most vital points of focus for your next stages of development as an Elite Leader.

1. You recognize that even with all the progress, you still have yet to fully allow yourself to live the experiences that represent a full and wealthy life.

2. You need to free yourself from the repetitive operations that prevent you from the deep work of strategically applying your gifts. And to do that before storm season hits in August.

Where you want to be

1. You want to be in a place that values your contributions, allows you to grow as a complete person, and provides meaningful connections.


You want to be free to dig deep, feel excited about what everyone’s collectively creating, and to know how important your part of it all is to the overall mission.

To summarize: You want to know if you should stay or go from your family’s company.

2. You want to see your current team take ownership of the processes and systems that support the company and most importantly, deliver the client the peace of mind they desperately need in times of disaster and uncertainty.

You want them functioning with a clear mission and with a level of competency that allows you to trust them and put your attention oh higher-level, more fulfilling activities.

To summarize: You want the systems and processes to support the client in a way that allows your team to scale more efficiently and support your clients more predictably.

As a bonus, it will be amazing if this allows the team to also find a deeper meaning to their work.

3. And as a super extra bonus – you want to partner with me to create resources for others to experience the value and growth that this work has brought us. Perhaps in a book, and an app, and who know what else will come to us as we prepare for these projects. So we will work together to ensure the resources are properly and accurately assembled to create this collaboration.

How we get there:


1. Clearly identify and create the experiences that represent Lauren honestly expressing herself in life – with small daily actions and awareness.

2. Offload the working knowledge and processes of your claims work to a team of people who will over-deliver on the outcomes and free you up to be more strategic with your time and brain space.

In both cases you and I team up to uncover as much information as possible, create clear destinations to aim for, and then develop the steps and actions to get there.

All the while I am there to support and also to strategize. To use trusted frameworks and skillsets that ensure you’re making solid decisions supported with strategies to ensure accomplishment and fulfillment. Also, you have access to me for any issues, roadblocks, and emergencies that come up along the way.

For your life experiences, we identify 3 most desirable experiences that you want to have regularly in life. And we work them backwards into the small daily actions that both produce and sustain the experiencing.

We clear the unimportant distractions from life to make room for the vitality of fully living.

For the delegation and teaching project, we take a similar approach to identifying what information is most vital, and what an ideal outcome looks like with both an individual and team level.

We then combine that awareness with proven effective frameworks and skills for presenting information, and also ensuring effective demonstration of that information by each individual involved.

The upside is that by teaching systems you quickly and accurately assess who belongs and who doesn’t. Allowing you to rapidly craft an effective team that will take the best care of your clients. And allowing you peace of mind.

How it works


In both cases, we start with a Strategy Session. In that call we get as much information as possible about the situation in order to accurately see what we’re working with and what needs to happen. We may need to set up two of them – one for each area of focus.

For the life track, once we identify the wanted experiences, we break them down into actions and you will be sent regular checkins to ensure consistent practice and actions.

For the outsourcing and delegation project, we identify the vital processes and systems to learn, and deconstruct a simple process and timeline for teaching, documenting, and accountability for the people involved. This includes time for each person involved to demonstrate competency for each step needed in each process.

For both the delegation project, and for the life experiences we will support these choices and progressions through bi-weekly (every two weeks) meetings on an agreed-upon day and time. In between the sessions you will receive regular checkins, reminders, and assignments done in Slack, via Text or messaging app, email, or all three.

And of course, you will have priority access to me via these channels for whatever you need. For now, until a new platform is adopted, these are our best choices.

What’s next?


If this roadmap is in agreement with what you want to experience together, and if it accurately identifies your best outcomes, then the next steps are to agree on the fee, sign an agreement, and sign an NDA (to protect your privacy).

As a founding client, I will always and forever insist you pay an unchanging flat fee for our work. However, I know you insist on paying more as we progress each year. So, I give you both options. You can either pay the old fee or set your own price for the work that represents the value to you.

Once the fee is agreed upon and paid, you will receive both the agreement and the NDA via email to sign electronically and then we will select a date for the Strategy Call(s).