Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.


I’m Adam King. Over many years I’ve had many roles, many interests, and many lives. Designer, builder, writer, speaker, show host, investigator…and a lot more. Lately I’m known more as a consultant and coach. The through-line for all of this has been a desire, and even a demand, for simplicity. It’s both a virtue and an outcome.


Give me chaos. I will give you simplicity. I make sense of the chaos that leadership can bring. As a certified behavioral operator, I leverage human behavior principles and skills to create unique solutions to your unique issues. I also work with a small group of leaders who want to become the elite decision-makers in their organization.

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  • Currently I’m spending time in Istanbul as part of my global travels that began in 2017.
  • Learning Turkish with the Fluent In 3 Months framework.
  • Investigating the similarities between religious cults and corporate culture.
  • Strategic adviser for Religion Rehab, an organization assisting former cult members with re-entering society.
  • Focusing on honest self-expression for 2022.
  • Improving my omurice skills.