Innovation Designer, Solutionist, Slow-Traveller, Constant Explorer


I’ve finally come to terms with, and am enjoying being a Generalized Specialist.

In a world that’s constantly demanding that you specialize or face irrelevance, I remain defiantly confident in my diverse toolkit of skills, capabilities, and vast experiences.

I enjoy finding ways to synthesize disparate elements of business, creative arts, culture, systems…and distill them into a new thing, a new unconventional solution or opportunity.


I’m the founder and Chief Innovation Strategist at GenZen Solutions, a bespoke consultancy for cultural innovators to find solutions to their most critical threats and crises.

At times I occupy the role of fractional Innovation Manager, for qualified partners of GenZen Solutions.


I’ve been slow-travelling globally since 2017. 18 countries so far. The aim is to take my time to learn and understand each culture and their unique aspects, as best I can.

You can follow along on Instagram, although these days I mostly ignore posting to social media.



Playing with AI as a means of expression, research, and collaborative world-building.

Improving language learning process.

Designing the travel itinerary for the rest of 2024. (If you’re in the UK, Austria, Balkans, or SE Asia let’s discuss world jazz over whiskey).

Just like you, I’m trying to make sense of this ever changing geopolitical landscape, especially as a perpetual foreigner.

Discovering overlooked Japanese post-war cinema and revisiting the brilliance that is 80’s Hong Kong films.

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