Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.



I’m Adam King. Over many years I’ve had many roles, many interests, and many lives. Designer, builder, writer, speaker, show host, investigator…and a lot more. Lately I’m known more as a consultant and coach. The through-line for all of this has been a desire and even a demand for simplicity. It’s both a virtue and an outcome.


Give me chaos. I will give you simplicity. I make sense of the chaos that leadership can bring. As a certified behavioral operator I leverage human behavior principles and skills to create unique solutions to your unique issues. I also work with a small group of leaders who want to become the elite decision-makers in their organization.

It’s behavioral intelligence that creates intelligent behavior.


Currently I’m spending the winter in Istanbul as part of my global travels that began in 2017.

Developing new training for a skills-based approach to leadership.

Learning Turkish with the Fluent In 3 Months framework.

Investigating the operational similarities between religious gurus and business gurus.

Acting strategic adviser for an organization assisting former cult members with re-entering society.

Focusing on honest self-expression as the objective for 2021.

Always improving my cooking skills.