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I’m Adam King. It feels like I’ve had many lives in the short time it takes someone to even getting around to living half of one. So forgive me if I can’t fully encapsulate the entirety of existence up to this point.

I’ve been a designer, producer, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, and am currently exploring the world.

Simplicity has always been both an outcome of my work and an operating principle. I enjoy the challenge of complexity, but I refuse to live from it. Sophisticated simplicity will always be the most important outcome I seek to provide.

These days, the latest endeavors are centered in human behavior. I don’t know of an area that breeds more chaos and complexity than human behavior. And almost all of it happens unnecessarily from our lack of understanding

So, if I can provide clarity and simplicity as the antidotes to chaos, then I’m all for it. It’s a challenge I accepted over 10 years ago, and it’s one I still welcome.

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I started down this path after several significant losses left me questioning everything about who I was and what I actually knew about myself.

Initially I started learning everything I could in order to finally become a functioning human being. The process quickly turned into a small obsession as I didn’t just learn enough to compensate for past failures. No, what opened up was an entire universe of behavioral engineering that, when applied correctly, creates total change and deepens one’s intelligence.