Uniting design, emotion, and technology into something tangible, useful, and ultimately beautiful.


I’ve had many lives – designer, radio host, producer, sales, entrepreneur, consultant, and many more. Looking back, the central theme of all those roles was communication.

Having refined these skills over a lifetime, I’m now applying them to new projects and endeavors that use communication as a means of re-building autonomy and assisting people in becoming critical thinkers and cultural innovators.

I’m a careful observer, explorer of cultures & philosophies, curator, deep thinker, and a prolific consumer of good jazz, quality double espresso, and the occasional whiskey.

Since 2017 I have been slow-travelling the world. 18 countries so far.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

This is a principle that guides work, life, choices, travel…I’ve strived to integrate this into every aspect.

Distilling complexity into simplicity, finding the essence, the core of what it all means; this is the process of freedom. It’s a process that always fascinates and informs my work and lifestyle.

Simplicity requires focused curation of sources, influences, and community. A curation most people fear, as they have already outsourced their decision making to algorithmic masters.

Living a skills-based life – thinking of solutions as a result of compounded skills practice – breaks any problem down into a process to be consistently practiced.

Ultimately, the goal is to leave people and places better off than how I found them. 



Founder of GenZen Solutions – a specialized consultancy that delivers real-time solutions to high-stakes problems through carefully crafted communication.

• Building a small digital holding company for products and companies that solve persistent problems through communication.

• Planning the 2024 travel and living itinerary and the potential residencies that would allow the most freedom.

• Learning as much as possible as I integrate A.I. into creative and business workflows. Leonardo is my new favorite creative tool lately.

• Digging deep into coercive control and how it’s enmeshed in virtually every major sector of modern life.



What happens when you let A.I. interpret Bauhaus motifs and then animate them? This is a small experiment into what we can do with classic ideas plugged into current technology.